The quarter century anniversary of probably the most iconic event of the System Change of 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall. The dark times of the cold war came to an end, new hopes, the 90's.

Probably one of the most iconic piece of music of this time is Scorpion's Wind of Change, at least for me, this, with it's original clip is one of those things which can make me feel that era of a new world of new hopes.

Today the 90's are also a distant memory. It is sad where the world progressed since probably the 11th September, 2001, then later the recession of 2008. In the near East, in Eastern Europe, the age of the cold war feels looming more threatening than ever since 1989. The worst is that, living in Hungary, I feel and see that the whole thing is not just about superpowers struggling for establishing influence zones. The minds of people are utterly confused and wretched. In Hungary how the government behaves is just a tip of a massive iceberg, even if it was possible, moving them wouldn't solve anything. People just don't want to solve problems together in Europe any more, even though this would be especially important here in Hungary where large parts of our nationality lives within the borders of neighboring countries. They blame Europe, America, liberalism, the gypsies, banks, or whatever comes across, anything but admitting the flaws in themselves.

It is hard to remember, to recall what it was like, the times after the change. Hope, hope for a new world and peace, which sadly never came. Eh, off with politics, this was more than enough of that here, maybe a lot more. Just listen the wind of change, and remember those times...


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