I maintained good contact with Jake. He kept writing in the traditional manner: it was a custom at the Fund even though they had internet access since long even out there. I found it always pleasant to receive these, something to light me up along the trudge of bills, bureaucracy, heaps of advertisements and other synthetic impersonal sludge to land in one's post box these days.

He told about how the loving pair changed, especially Blondie who grew confident, once even chasing off Niktox from the camp when she didn't find her beloved Drake. She kept appearing less and less as time passed, seemingly only retaining her interest for she could occasionally pick her mate up from there. Half a year later they acknowledged her becoming a wild wyvern, great for she found her way to live, sad for they so much wished to see how they fare together.

Drake however remained the same friendly hulk of brass he ever was, always returning, playful and compassionate caring, just a small sparkling light in his eyes telling he indeed was different for he was finally bonded.

Ikka, the rescue arriving when I volunteered there recovered with a few permanent marks and finally could be released to explore free around the camp. Teaching her to hunt was a bit further away for she still needed to develop her musculature to be fit for the dangers of it.

A year and a few months after my volunteering I received maybe the final of these letters, for I knew what I was about to be doing.

Hi, Alex!

We are Jake and Mark writing. Hope you are all well up there north. We have some big things to announce, and, for you were here with us, we thought to share it with you first.

Well, Jake had some bits of his own problems, though. Her Greta got a fit that she didn't marry a sailor, and the kids were to be schooled, so he had to return Jala to see after them for a month. No huge thing: he temp-joined to the Center which is undergoing some great changes these days!

But let's get on to our big news!

What we were all waiting for finally happened! Drake a week before returned, bringing his, and of course, Blondie's new daughter on his back! She is such an adorable perfect chick, with a flawless little ridge crowning her head and neck! Finally, we can feel our work coming to be worthwhile, our old Drake having his very own child! Of course, I don't ride him anymore, he wouldn't try to invite me since months. That's the privilege of her from now! We named her Dawn, for a better hope for us, a better hope for the Brass Wyvern!

Wish you were here to see!

(Of course we couldn't determine her gender, but has such a girlish charm that all of us thinks about her as a she. Hope he wouldn't bear us a grudge for that later!)

By the way, the Center could really get some helping hands, for permanent, only if you truly would like to be involved in our endeavor. It is near Jala, not even on the edge of the world, quite a few of us even have their families there. About a month ago Thor was finally relocated there from Muara by our new ambassador plan, so you wouldn't even be too far from a wyvern if you preferred so!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Your friends: Jake, Mark


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