Full Sail Ahead

Full Sail Ahead

Full Sail Ahead! No water? Not my problem!

Another one for Karlos (he is on FurAffinity). The really overweight Cyat would be me, at least having some good use, as a highly qualified... Counterweight! The ship is definitely rock solid sailing into the wind, barely any heeling observed! Guess should be glad we are not on the sea where other significantly less convenient uses may be contrived for exceptionally heavy objects :) The Shiriat? Well, better have somebody onboard who at least has some idea of where the heck we are heading (Forth! Who cares?!).

Based on this one from Karlos: Fight Another Day (FurAffinity) The Shiriat and Cyat may be seen here: Shiriat & Cyat pair

And of course this "highly qualified counterweight" also comes handy for the night as a soft and fluffy bed :)


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