Sokol 308

Sokol 308

Sokol radio, model 308. Old memories from the 70s, this particular one came from my grand-parents. Nice design, sturdy radio, would last for an eternity with just a little care. Photography was taken with the Olympus C2500L digital machine. More on the radio in the referred article!



  • Created: 28 Feb 2020, 11:37pm

David_Messenger: Sorry for being a bit late on this, guess by now you see it yourself: They don't have any electrical or mechanical connection. They are only for you to mark a few frequencies with them, but of course they could be so loose that the slightest jolt would send them down to the bottom anyway :)


  • Created: 20 Jan 2020, 2:34am

I just bought a Sokol 308 on ebay out of the Ukraine. Still waiting for it to get here! Can you tell me the purpose of the red and yellow knobs?


  • Created: 3 Nov 2012, 4:13pm

Nice find, however that site has a dot org domain. Yes, it's FM was kind of useless, and it's battery compartment had some awful quantities of battery turd in it, but works all right. In the past I used a big roll of wire attached to it's (internal) short wave antenna, hung up somewhere in the window: that way in the night I could listen to some quite strange stuff from around the world - I liked the variety of musics it would pick up, and even the foreign language blabbering.

Here's the link to the RadioMuseum site: Sokol 308 (Meh, of course I can post links :) )

Kevin P.

  • Created: 30 Oct 2012, 7:10pm

On vintage radio site, it lists the date as 1976. I found my set on Ebay. It originally came from Lithuania. Works great except it has the Eastern European FM which is a lower frequency and is different than the Western FM frequencies.

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