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No violence, gentlemen - no violence, I beg of you! Consider the furniture!

-- Sherlock Holmes

New World 2648 (Hungarian)

Twenty-six forty-eight... Space is opened wide, our ships reach towards planets of distant solar systems, man is colonizing near and far. The same time Earth is struggling by overpopulation, severe social, political and economic problems. Many who can afford, embark on the journey, a perilous journey towards the unknown... A sci-fi novel set in the distant future, telling the story of a young man, who tries to find his place in this strange new world (currently Hungarian only).

Sanity cancelled for the lack of interest

The 15th March is special in Hungary, we would be celebrating the anniversary of an important uprising, one against the Hapsburg dynasty demanding more autonomy for our country within their empire. It was the pinnacle of the age of reformation, but one which later got usurped like all the other movements happening in that year. Then, today... It seems like people here lost all their sanity siding with an oppressive government and very few caring of any movement which tries any reformation.

Flight of a Dragon is completed!

Flight of a Dragon is a retro style game for the Uzebox open source game console, a bit of 8 bit madness involving an ATMega 644 and a bit of electronics to get it producing a video signal and accepting input from an SNES controller. Now the game is complete so you can finally lead the dragon to his salvation! Thanks to emulation, you may also try it out within your browser!

We want to be European!

We want to be European!

We want to be Europeans, we are Europeans. Hungarians are protesting these days, against the lawmaking of our government, for being European, for being free, independent and human. The government ceased to represent us. We may not be the majority, nevertheless, they have no right to take away our future and freedoms. They don't respect anyone not following their ways, and with their lawmaking, they are trying to destroy us.

My case with PowerPC automotive micros

Since a while (at my current employer) we are searching for a 32 bit microcontroller which could be utilized for safety relevant task. A criteria for a certain reason was to avoid the ARM architecture, making the task more complicated. In the end we selected the PowerPC architecture, the MPC560xP line from NXP (formerly Freescale). This post summarizes our initial experiences with this chip and the available toolset for it, as viewed by someone with no former experience with it (and no experience available within the company either).