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Real Users hate Real Programmers

-- Unknown

Some thoughts on 8bit versus 32bit

There are quite a few articles mentioning that the era of 8 bit MCUs is at its end, and that's a fair point that prices became quite similar, one can obtain low-end ARM microcontrollers at a price matching that of 8 bit micros. However working with 32 bit ARMs for a while, I don't think the situation is this simple. It could be, but... But there are these "but"s. So here I summarize some experiences and thoughts over the matter.

First few months in the United Kingdom

In late November the last year I parted with Hungary to kind of try myself, to see whether I could possibly start anew in a different country. The reasons I guess could be somewhat clear, at least it definitely wouldn't take much poking around here to spot some. How it went? Well, rather mixed feelings. Apart from that one thing that it definitely didn't make me feel any bad about the decision to relocate itself. So I am here. In this town called High Wycombe. The greatest thing about which is that England is only a short walk away.

New World 2648 (Hungarian)

Twenty-six forty-eight... Space is opened wide, our ships reach towards planets of distant solar systems, man is colonizing near and far. The same time Earth is struggling by overpopulation, severe social, political and economic problems. Many who can afford, embark on the journey, a perilous journey towards the unknown... A sci-fi novel set in the distant future, telling the story of a young man, who tries to find his place in this strange new world (currently Hungarian only).

Sanity cancelled for the lack of interest

The 15th March is special in Hungary, we would be celebrating the anniversary of an important uprising, one against the Hapsburg dynasty demanding more autonomy for our country within their empire. It was the pinnacle of the age of reformation, but one which later got usurped like all the other movements happening in that year. Then, today... It seems like people here lost all their sanity siding with an oppressive government and very few caring of any movement which tries any reformation.

Flight of a Dragon is completed!

Flight of a Dragon is a retro style game for the Uzebox open source game console, a bit of 8 bit madness involving an ATMega 644 and a bit of electronics to get it producing a video signal and accepting input from an SNES controller. Now the game is complete so you can finally lead the dragon to his salvation! Thanks to emulation, you may also try it out within your browser!