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If today is the first day of the rest of your life, what the hell was yesterday?

-- Unknown

We want to be European!

We want to be European!

We want to be Europeans, we are Europeans. Hungarians are protesting these days, against the lawmaking of our government, for being European, for being free, independent and human. The government ceased to represent us. We may not be the majority, nevertheless, they have no right to take away our future and freedoms. They don't respect anyone not following their ways, and with their lawmaking, they are trying to destroy us.

My case with PowerPC automotive micros

Since a while (at my current employer) we are searching for a 32 bit microcontroller which could be utilized for safety relevant task. A criteria for a certain reason was to avoid the ARM architecture, making the task more complicated. In the end we selected the PowerPC architecture, the MPC560xP line from NXP (formerly Freescale). This post summarizes our initial experiences with this chip and the available toolset for it, as viewed by someone with no former experience with it (and no experience available within the company either).

Flight of a Dragon's demo released!

Flight of a Dragon is a retro game for the Uzebox open source game console, a bit of 8 bit madness involving an ATMega 644 and a bit of electronics to get it producing a video signal and accepting input from an SNES controller. Thanks to emulation, you may also try it out within your browser!

Summer starts with a beautiful passing storm

The summer started with a beautiful passing storm at sunset at my location, a rare and amazing sight. As I realized what was going on, I rushed out quickly grabbing my old Olympus C2500L camera to witness and photograph this phenomenon...

A long time ago in a solar system far far away

A long time ago in a solar system far far away... Space exploration is a very interesting and wonderful science with so much interesting discoveries lately, especially for those playing around with sci-fi ideas, the greatest hit these days being the constant influx of exoplanet discoveries. The Kepler mission is one great source, and it also spotted something quite extraordinary...