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You can have it: 1: Good. 2: Fast. 3: Cheap. Pick two.

-- Unknown

2022 - We won't miss you

2022 - We won't miss you

2022 - we won't miss you. When the world went down into madness.

2020, the system crumbling, sanity gone

It all seems to be very much broken, or on the verge of breaking apart. The systems, morality, humanity, just about everything, over the attempts to handle the pandemic. A not too long-winded post on my thought at this time of this whole mess.

Insane Contraption Zero for the New Year

So it is the end of the year, which means at last there are some holidays, a bit of contiguous time away from work to have some rest, and well, a chance to go through some quite involving experimenting and hacking. The result, an OSS game console prototype based on the ATmega1284, contrary to the Uzebox, with no overclocking.

Around High Wycombe, the good and the bad

It is about a year since I relocated to the United Kingdom, so maybe it is time I shared some further impressions. And some photos, still taken with that old Olympus C2500L camera, at least when I didn't forget about it, or the battery or CF card. In a short summary, England can be nice and beautiful, both in nature and architecture, however for me it is just overwhelmingly overcrowded, even this far from London.

Some thoughts on 8bit versus 32bit

There are quite a few articles mentioning that the era of 8 bit MCUs is at its end, and that's a fair point that prices became quite similar, one can obtain low-end ARM microcontrollers at a price matching that of 8 bit micros. However working with 32 bit ARMs for a while, I don't think the situation is this simple. It could be, but... But there are these "but"s. So here I summarize some experiences and thoughts over the matter.